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Possibly the slimmest combo pads in the world. If you are tired of slipping pads and overlapping knee and shin guards, this one is for you. These pads combine the advantages of our Stealth high end knee pads and shin guards – you have all bases covered. The GAIN combos are manufactured from a semi-perforated neoprene material with soft lining that prevent rashes & skin irritation along with providing maximum breathability and sweat transmission. The knee area features our very own SlimShieldTM foam insert – a thin viscoelastic polyurethane sheet foam material with memory effect and outstanding shock absorbing properties. After an impact the foam returns to its original shape rapidly. Energy absorption keeps the impact forces to the knee area at a minimum level. The knee/shin area is covered with extremely durable and flexible KEVLAR material. Using this special fabric it is highly unlikely to cut or tear a hole in these areas which usually get the most abuse. The additional SlimShieldTM padding on both sides of the knee area & along the inside of the calf section plus the thin plastic insert in the shin area provide even more protection against pedals, cranks, decks or any other incoming impact. Rubber label and screen printed velcro tabs make for easy and stylish fit. Soft, moisture wicking dual layer rear panels & neoprene inner lining prevent the pads from slipping.
Available in four sizes (S to XL). Price per pair.

Key features include
-SlimShieldTM foam inserts, elastic KEVLAR front panel
-Superb impact protection
-Only 10mm total thickness
-Sleek and contoured design
-Outstanding wearing comfort