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Bike Bar Tape – 3.2mm – Jet Black


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New improved polymer now more durable and resistant to Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The new plug provides a clean, tight finish. Pattern has been optimised for best tackiness and ride quality. 3.2mm Lizard Skins tape engineered for maximum comfort, the ultimate tape for the growing interest in Gravel, Bikepacking, or the road cyclist wanting more comfort. Discover why Pro Tour teams use this tape.
– Durasoft Polymer (DSP) has excellent durability, increased shock absorption and great feel in any condition.
– 3.2mm Engineered for maximum comfort and road vibration absorption.
– Includes 2: Bar tapes, Finish strips, Clamp covers, and Screw in plugs (allen key installation) 
– 226cm length.
– Weight: 86g.