TRNSFR Acrylic Paint Marker Packs




TRNSFR Acrylic Paint Markers 2-Pack

Standard + Glitter

Show off your inner Picasso with TRNSFR Acrylic Paint griptape markers! TRNSFR products are designed to inspire creativity and individual expression through your art!

Define your style! This twin pack of acrylic paint markers includes 12 TRNSFR pens and 12 replacement tips.

Set your inner Picasso free! These markers allow to get creative on your scooter griptape!! TRNSFR has created a complete range of girptape that can be coloured in or you choose and customise one of the other graphics to show off your own unique style

Inspire your creativity!  Get creative and add colour your griptape with your individual style, with the TRNSFR acrylic paint pens available in two packs standard and glitter allowing for ultimate creativity that is only limited by your imagination.


Raised from the riders concrete jungle that is Australia, TRNSFR is a rider owned project that delivers a unique creative experience & high-quality goods for a vast variety of shredders. The first wave of TRNSFR products will feature a reel of griptape designs from the traditional blank sheet to a full-length colouring book style graphic, as well as a pack of paint pens for your inner Picasso to run free. Welcome to TRNSFR; The love child of one of scootering’s most unique riders, Shaun Williams.


  • 12 Acrylic Paint Markers (Standard and Glitter versions included)
  • Marks any surface including griptape and other scooter parts!
  • 12 Replacement tips to keep you drawing!
  • Vibrant, bold and lasting colours!

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Glitter, Standard