Bike Brake Disc Pads - Rever/Shimano Elite Cooling


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Excessive heat is the enemy of a high-performance brake system. Not only can the pad compound glaze over and result in a sudden loss of braking power, extreme high temperatures can even cause hydraulic brake fluid to boil. Cooling disc brake pads are designed and built to pull heat away from the braking surface and into cooling fins above the brake, where it can be safely dissipated into the air.

Compatible Brake Model: 
Rever: Cargo-D, ARC- E, ARC-S, ARC-U, Attack-E, Attack-U, MCX-2 (PM), MCX-1 (PM), MTN1
Shimano: XTR M9020, M9000, M987, M985; Deore XT M8100, M8000, M785; SLX M7100, M7000, M675, M666; Deore M6000, M615; Alfine S700; Road/CX RS785, R785, CX77, CX75, R517, R515, R317, R315